Landing page
Landing Page

Design is not a set of pictures. Your landing page should stand out, inspire confidence, match the target audience, be understood and read well - we take on these tasks. Full construction.

How do we develop Landing?

Let's talk about the benefits of your product.

We put ourselves in the place of customers and analyze their tasks, questions and expectations. After that, we design the page structure and write texts. We focus on how your company will help customers solve their problems and achieve their goals.

We support dialogue through design.

We create a visual association between the site and the company. The task of the designer is to convey certain images and emotions to the visitor. We do not use ready-made design templates: we create a layout according to an agreed structure and text, taking into account your corporate identity.

Launching the landing

Most often we work with WordPress and 1C-Bitrix. The landing page will be easy to manage without programming knowledge: change texts, pictures, menu items, etc. At the same time, a web developer can implement non-standard design ideas without sedation.

We set up advertising and attract buyers.

We launch advertising on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Yandex, Google. A marketer is involved in creating a landing page from the design stage so that advertising messages and text on the site complement each other.

Perfect UX/UI design.

When working on website design, we try to make it not only visually pleasing and modern, but also convenient, as well as complying with all the rules of UI and UX design. We are working towards the end result. Before starting work, we offer our ideas from the perspective of convenience, functionality and, of course, beauty.

Latest completed works

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Hello Привет Cześć


We can implement several languages to enter the international market.

Responsive design for every device

It doesn't matter what device the visitor will come to your landing from - phone, tablet or computer, the site will look perfect on each of them.

Synchronization with your Instagram account in real time.

We understand how important social networks are now and can integrate your Instagram feed directly into your landing page. Photos are synced automatically, without any intervention, as soon as you upload a new post.

Landing Pages are ideal for launching contextual advertising.

Landing pages enjoy higher conversion rates for different consumer groups. It doesn't matter what you sell - services or goods, the landing page is perfect for advertising in the Google and Yandex advertising network.

Convenient payments for your customers.

For the convenience of your customers, we can integrate all types of payments into your landing page. Payment for your goods and services in 3 clicks in any currency of the world.

Just send a message in any convenient way. We will advise you on all issues and offer options for cooperation. Contact information can be found on the website. A tentative scheme of cooperation is described in the block “Main stages of work”

The term of the project implementation depends on the functionality of the site and the niche for which the landing is being done. Usually, if the customer does not delay the advance payment and knows what he wants, it takes about 5-7 days to implement.

There are cases when the customer needed a landing “yesterday”, then the implementation can take 2 days and is paid twice.

UX / UI design is the design of any user interface in which usability is as important as appearance.

UX stands for User Experience (literally: “user experience”). That is, this is what experience / impression the user receives from working with the interface. Will he be able to achieve his goal, will it be easy or easy for him to do it. Here convenience and logic, structure and hierarchy of elements are determined. More psychological and abstract concept than UI. But there are a number of rules that a good designer should know in order to try to make their interface as convenient as possible.

And UI is the user interface (literally, “official interface”) – the appearance of the external interface. Its appearance, beauty, readability of the text, colors, choice of typography and forms, etc. We can say that it is customary to talk about UI in the first place (about caramel) and for some reason forget about UX.

It is impossible to make a good UI without a thorough study of UX, otherwise it will just be a beautiful picture. And what’s the use of it if people can’t find, sometimes, the right button

Has it ever happened to you that you couldn’t understand from which side and how the locker opens, on which there are no handles (it opens by pressing the door) and you pressed the door for a long time from different sides? This is a bad UX, but the UI can be quite interesting for this locker. After all, it was for beauty that the handles were removed. Did not fit into the interior)

Not necessary. After developing your site, we can make a video instruction on making changes to texts/prices, etc. using the example of your landing page, and you will be able to make changes yourself without outside help. It is clear that making changes to the structure or design of the landing page requires more serious skills, in this case it is better to contact us.

The site needs a domain and hosting (,, are domains) domains cost from $5 per year in the .ru zone.

The site files are also hosted on a special server (hosting) costing from $5 per month.

You yourself choose and buy a domain and hosting, so they belong only to you.